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byby jeannie good to the floren. welclcome back you'r're watching live from m paris so frustrating foththe headlilines this hour. that is what is one why doeoes bart's from holdiding public office for fifteen years is the governmement sites irregularitis in his finances. this is the united states tells russia to get full minute she passed out out of the country. twenty third time lucky for britain's to reason may and peas will if i don't have brick city again tomorrow after they failed to find a way out of the stalemate yesterday. and facebook fans white nationalist and white separatists for facebook and instagram the move comeses two weeks after far rightxtremistss to come down fifty people at two
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mosques in using and first venezuela has stripped internationally recognized data one quite -- over the right to hold public office for fifteen years. what is the general said that there were irregularities i in quite those perersonal financec? your position later in speaker of congress has led. isn't nicolas maduro and he has the backing of some fifty countries including the united states our correspondent on the herrera has the latest from caracas. people over the weekend it's something that we learned but it's not something that it's actually surprising an event as well as because i'm let's not forget that a mother who does all. already started an investigation i'm against one white goal and this was the first day try to ban him from leave the country i
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now they're taking this next step this action bececause of course we're not seen a more more extreme action. i guess one white doll we really don't know why the government hasn't really explain why sometimes when you approach someone in the government and i asked them about for example maybe. on the possibility of getting arrested or why one without getting arrested they usually don't talk about that but they now do that so this is a way o f pushing him out. on the public arena. anyways why though is still outside he's still are calling for people to the e streets he called. for r a huge demonstrationon the our next saturdayy and for a drill this s is t the strange pt he called for a grill. for the next big -- croatian called operation freedom i'm in venezuela and this really is going to happen next week on sunday next week he didn't give any more details the truth is that even with this action from the governmenent.. he's still out t there and he's
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congress that what he started in januaryy and trying to get to te presidency all of our benefits. russia meanwhile has accused donald trump abortionists after the us president said moscow should get ten out of venezuela immediately. moscow's confirmed it sent specialists off to two minute you planes landed in caracas reportedly carrying troops and equipment trump says all options remain open when it comes to forcing the russians to withdra. charlie ginger pools. these photos raise suspicions and now it's confirmed russian troops are in venezuela thursday russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman said the deployment falls under a militaryy cooperation d deal. which is very short us i would like to stress that russian specialists and experts came to venezuela. in keeping with the provisions of a bilateral intergovernmental agreement and milititary and technical cooperation.
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but i see it meaning yet russia is not changing the balance of power in the region. russia doesn't threaten anyone unlike officials in washington. in israel an opposition leader one quitite joe says t the prese of russian troops violates the country's constitution. in the united states made its feelings clear russia has to get out. us president donald trump and vice president mike pence met with why does wifi the honoror f solace on wednesday they repepeated the u. s. s stands fy behind the opposition because and called on russiaa to withdr. the united states views russia's arrival military planes this weekend. as an unwelcome provocation. we call of russian today to ceasee all support from the maduro regime and stand. with one wide open stand with nanations a across the stratospe and across the world into freedom is restored. but russia was unmoved the kremlin said thursday that washington should not worry about moscow's ties with
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venezuela and urged the us to mind itsts own business. meanwhile several cities have rerecovered electricity after ke andd natationwide blackout the began on monday it was the second such black out in less than a month president juror has blamed it on a terrorist attack on a hydroelectric facility. local electricity experts have claimed the cops when he's of underinvestment and lack of maintenance. now can we set time lucky for prime minister theresa may she's got the green light to put her withdrawal agreement ford for vote in parliament tomorrow a petition pays have already rejected it twice once by the biggest defeat ever inflicted on a sitting government. if i was yesterday series of so called indicative votes on how to break the brexixit i impasse there was no majority for any of the options which included a second public vote. a permanent customs union leaving without a deal the speaker of the house had fallen to may from pushing her deal
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ford for another vote so what has changed. twenty fourth of this habit explains. one significant change and you can leavee it to the lawyers to squabble and over whether or not it represents a significant enough change but it was enough. for the parliamentary -- speakers he said and what it is is you are correct in saying that there will be a third vote on the withdrawal agreement however if this vote tomorrow. which will be debated and presumably voted upon will be only on the withdrawal agreement and not. he was a component to it and not on the so called political declaration that was sort of a part and parcel of the withdrawal they came together was like an all in one package right. to the pre the previous man votes on this deal meaningful vote when we talked about that we were talking about two thingsgs. both withdrawal agreement which with things like how much the the britain was going to pay to the e. u.'s so called the divorce settlement a citizen's rights you citizens in britain british citizens in the e. u.. answer t that all crucial backsp what the political declaration
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of much suit shorter document out with is the nature the future relationship with the e. u. things like how how close will they be economically by trade custom single market that was all gonna be hashed out. in in subsequent negotiations basically may is done and it's it's clever and a lot of mps are actually irritated at it they they t they s say if it reeks of political of parliamentary sleight of hand. she basically just cut it in half said we'llll just bring you the withdrawal agreement so it's very different they're not voting on withdrawal p plot plus political declalaration we'll bring you one half of what they were voting on before that was enough. to convince the parliamentary speaker at least by his definition of a it was new enough substantial enough change in difference from the previous votes to warrant a third focus he was threatening as you say. not to even let it come to a third vote so we are back -- will he started again back to the same process however tomorrow is that ultimatate deadline there won't be a fourt.
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okay but then now i met shouldn't *-*-. the rescued thousands of migrants off the mediterranean coast has arrived in malta the maltese armed forces took control of the ship off it was hijacked. by a small group of migrants when they realized that it was headed back to libya five men have been arrested the met remainining migrants which incle many women and children are now being processed by the maltese authorities. i see my spoken as well. finally arriving on european soil only to be taken away in handcuffs. five men have been taken into custody in malta off to a dramatic hijacking of a turkish tanker. italy is describing the incident as the first act of piracy on thth high seas with my grades. when the l. hit blue one merchant ship and counters dozens of migrants from sub sahara africa struggling to cross the mediterranean from libybya? itit brought a all one hunundret of the children among them aboard.. on wednesday morning when the migrants realize that the rese is whatt i in factt heaeaded bao
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libya a group of them results to get the crew to turn around and make for europe instead. as soon as the ship entered malta's territorial waters the maltese navy establish contact with the ship's commander. who explained he no longer had control of his vessel? soon after s special forces hunt the ships around it. the migrants aboard surrendered without resistance. human rights groups say migrants face appalling conditions including torture in libya's detention centers. reaching europe by any means necessary is a mantra shed by many. facebook has bananned support fr white nationalism and white separatism on facebook and instagram the move comes two weekf proclaimed white supremacist opened fire into mosques feature brian has the story?
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linkedin needs the hate. fafacebook iss bananned white nationalalism and white separatm saying it's clear the concepts and links to organized hate groups. while the social network already prohibited white supremacist contents white nationalism and separatism were permitted allowing for example uses to cool for whites only nations. we didn't originally apply the same rationale to expressions of whites nationalism and white separatism because we were thinking about broader concepts of nationalism and separatism. things like american pride and bask separatism which an important part of people'ss identity. facebook now believes the different terms mean the same thing. they said users who search for phrases to do with white supremacy will be shown a link to a charity helping p people leave behind h hate groups. the platform along with on the sites like youtube and twitter is under increasing pressure to stem the spread of extremism.
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two weeks ago a white supremacist use facebook to life pool cost his massacre of fifty people into mosques in christ church. within twenty four hours facebook could block to more than a million copies from being uploaded. new zealand prime minister justin the alden has welcomed the site's policy change the says more needs to be done. arguably these categories should always have fallen within the community guidelines of hate speech. but needs at least it's positive the clarification has now been made in thehe wake of the e attk here in christchurch. technology experts meanwhile the cautious they say hate groups can easily re brown themselves and use less explicit language to surpass the filters. how to talk more about that m me by facebook i'm joined in the studio by raf awful she's the founder of the threat red thread institute for digital culture? thanks for joining us on front twenty four sorry i'm just did too clear up what facebook has done it is. always band support for white
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supremacist movements and it is now at banning whihite nationalm any support for whihite nationonalism separatism that kd of thing what is the difference at so the difference is i guess they were and i was not to be so careful because the nuances. are are are quite particular but the difference is is that now they have decided to that white nationalism is a separate category than say other nationalist movement like the basque movement or on other sort of pride movements because it falls under the umbrella of white supremacy that you actually. cannot have a not a white nationalist movemenent that doesn'tt embodyy all of these races tenants that we've grown to associate with white supremacy. the distinction was instead of creating a separation they'veve just decided rightfully so that any sort of movement whether it's white supremacy or white nationalism are technically the same thing we're just calling them different names so what if for example what about it at a hindu nationalist. movements and what about
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something like that that would be. bad muslims something like that would that be. brought under these new rules yes anything under the community guidelines that goes so far as to make a derogatory or hate speech towards another ethnicity another race -- another gender in many cases -- is now covered under their new and a doctor terms i'm and their committee guidelines some people might wonder why it's taken facebook so long to do that that seems like a bit of a no brainer. so facebook has had a very long record of being quite reactive instead of proactive i think if they wait until the absolute last minute when they absolutely have to act. to make some of these changes this is just been the strategy that the company has used in the past and it took two weeks until after. the crisis the attack in christ church where there was so much. political outrage the wrist so much public pressure on them for them to finally say okay this is a big enough problem. though we've known it's been a problem on these platforms for years we know with people like
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alex jones of info wars we know they've been using these platforms to spread. white propaganda and i think it's just a reflection of their approach to a much broader range of issues data pririvacy securiy things like that and of course - we store am in recent days how - groups such as isis islamist extremist groups and put up. terrible shocking videos as well that were shed widely. online do facebook put a lot of resources into fighting that today. yes and i think this just goes back to a question of prior ties a shin i mean what many people don't understand is just how much. offensive content gets uploaded to facebook on a daily basis we are dealing with you know hundreds of millions of popostsf all sorts of things not just racist and hate speech but people t that upload extremely violent content people that upload inappropriate materials and so. i think we're starting to face one of the implications of having to to constantly connected reality which is just a volume problem they recently
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added. a several thousand more employees to their content moderator section but i don't knowow if it's enough people to handle it. and and you know how do you distinguish between united these clay kopp hate groups -- based on racism and and and things like that compared. to you know somebody who might only share. stories about crimes committed by one ethnic group for example and they might. keepep on china and that will ge people a distorted. image about that group of people how do you. fight things like that because that's more to do with the algorithms. i think it's important to recognize that this issue while facebook is at the center of it is quite new wants to have a couple of different elements at play you have fake news so person who. let's give them the benefit of the doubt might not know that what they're sharing is fake but might be sharing it anyway that as one enormous problem with the majoririty o of people getting r news from social media. you then have digital communities doo you have the witcher a complpletely sepeparae thing where for example white
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supremacist groups. are congregating online and deliberately and with all with their with a lot of intention sharing hate speech you can also have the moderator approaches how facebook is going to try to deal with. all of these changes so then you have a moderator which is a i but also human being that has to make this decision as to whether or not. on the the abstract spectrum of you know is it appropriate or not that to make a call is of whether or not it violates community guidelines and then finally. we live in an adaptive digital environment where men eve these groups now seeing harsher penalties will adapt i think it's very naive to think that this will eliminate. this type of presence i think we as we've seen on other platforms these groups get smarter. they use different words the figure out ways to get around it so this is going to be an on going battle for the company okay rap published thank you very much indeed thanks common. now cathar has unveiled a new four hundred million euros museum designed by french architect john develop the lavish project is a way for the
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gulf nation to improve its international reputation all this before it has the twenty twentyty two fifa world cup. or best actor pools. it's tangle of interlocking discs closely echo the shape. of a desert rose. sat along the dough hasas seasie the qatar national museum is one of the first buildings visitors see. when they land in the capital? french architect is only valid spent over ten years working on the monument. to create a new cultural landmark in the middle east.. being asked me a similarar. story is -- the servicing -- john mission is to me and i community. rated institution. inside the museum eleven permanent galleries use lights images and sounds to tell the story of qatar.
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from prehistoric and tribal times to the discovery of massivive quantntities of oil ad gas. thatat propelled it t into the modern era objects are brought to life. you would see the objects in their real environment. how their use -- why they were use and what they mean for the people of cut that's today? an interactive journey through time that seeks to cement qatar's position. as an emerging global cultural player no matter i mean if you look at saudi and or if you are a tourist sort of the someone express was living in qatar -- yeah i guarantee you that you will find something that you're already g gonna find out somethg that you didn't know about the title is culture. the museum's unveiling is also a way for qatar to show it's not been affected by nearly two years of saudi led boycott. as it prepares to host the fifa world cup.. in. two thousand twenty two let's get some business sees fit okay meetings with me inin the studio
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how to katee laura i was not a techie because that like elections are coming up this weekend and the economy will be. playing center stage receives for voters went absolutely because they've been having a tough time over the last -- at least year or so it has to be said turkey has officially fallen into recession its currency thehe lira p plunged 3% lastst year and has lost a furtr 5% in the days leading up to this weekend's poll. inflation is rampant inn food prprices have soared nearly 30%. to soften the blow the government has declared war on what it calls food terrorism. and set up markets in istanbul and ankara where buyers can purchase fruit and vegetables at below market prices freshly for stephen is stumble from this report. lining up for discount prices across istanbul government run mamarkets offer fruits and vegetables at significantly lower prices. here to meadows cost fifty euro cents a kilo at least two times cheaper than elsewhere.
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only to the local listing power has gone down. so far on these projects on in my opinion a good thing. they allow us to save 50% over. organized by the uc party led municipality in the run up to the march thirty first local elections these tents target the base of the ruling party. disproportionately affected by soaring inflation. in traditional markets across the city vendors say the government run stalls have an unfair advantage is that. we have lost shown taxes to pay [inaudible] anything. they might normal prices and sell for a loss. to sell the truck full of produce every day and i only sell l off of that. which meansns i am losing money spot a cousin. by absorbing thesese costs the government run markets are losing tens of thousands of euros every day.
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the opposition calls the stalls an electoral stanton points out the lost revenue will have to be found elsewhere. namely the taxpayers pockets.. british businesses are becoming increasisingly alarmed as the brexit impasse c continues. industries across the board have for months been calling for clarity and for the government to take every measure possible to avoid a note deal brags. no deal breaks it would lead to a raft of tariffs customs tracks and other barriers to trade. all of which could come into effect within weeks if the deadlock continues. british chambers of commerce at its members were frustrated and angry and felt they had been let down by the government. we in business must make it clear that our elected represenentativess cannot k keep chasing rainbows. like all of us in business they need to start making tough decisions however personally orr politically diffificult. day may be. because all of us in business want to move on from this and
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get back to talking about creating the best possible environment for businesses to thrive. in every part of this united kingdom. the town has been dropping since the inconclusive results of those votes on wednesday evenin. sterling had been trading fairly steadily around a dollar thirty two cents for the last week or so. yeah it has now dropped to a dollar thirty it's down 1% as you can see there against thehe dollar i stand against the euroo as well trading at about one your of sixteen anil saying there is still a certain amount of resistance. to what could be a very volatile situation in the coming weeks. now that we can boost at london's footsie one hundred a weaker currency tends to mean stronger exports of major companies thatt trade their shares of spread bank fell in nearly 8%% in sweden. as blundnders ceo was forced out amid growing scandal for money laundering. wallstreet closed slightly above the flat line despite new data showing revised gdp growth down. the us economy grew at an annualized pace of two point 2%
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in the last three months of twenty eighteen rather than the two point 6% estimated. month negotiators from the us and china meanwhile have kicked off yet another round of trade talks in beijing. investors will be closely watching stephenie breakthroughs announced on friday. some ten thousand passengers have been stranded in airports across europe in the u. s. after wow air announced it was stopping operations. the low cost carrier which is based in iceland has grown rapidly since it started flights in. twenty twelve it carried a three and a half million passengers last year but has struggled with rising fuel prices excess capacity. really sit on has the story. wow airplananes are grounded in iceland several european capitals and major hubs on the other side of the atlantic. because that's what the company specialized in low cost crossss atlantntic flighghts founded in twenty eleven it started operating the following year and expanded quickly.
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local media reports said while air needed forty two million dollars to keep flying but failed to raise those funds. we will not tolerate it we were talking to a number of entities until early this morning but regrettably this did not work. at most anokhi. stranded passengers were shocked to see their flights canceled but twelve years collapse didn't come as a surprise to everyone. the compapany has had difficults anand we've been c closely follg its attempts to refinance and restructure. it's a cool disappointing that the company did not whether they stole. who are of course hoping they would and but this hasas been a long period of instability i in the compapany's operational to always completely specimens? wow air joins a list of several budget companies that have shut down in ththe past year. over capacity and fierce competition -- to travelers have weighed on the sector. while air flights from london to
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new york for example pushed as low as a hundred and seventy euros this says fuel prices have climbed. google has signed a deal with cuba's telecoms monopoly monopoly a at texas. . to boost internet connectivity they're coming this island has been slow in getting online three g. service for mobile phones only went live last year and access from government run wifi access points. remains spotty across the country. google's memorandum of understanding would ultimately enable attacks such an access its network improving service and reducing costs for cubans so they don't have to pay for an intermediary. it is only a memorandum of understanding for now lord this isn't likely to take effect. for the next couple of years really they've got to put a lot of a lot of networks in place in order for it to be activated. and of course remember donald trump has been trying to distance himself from cuba a little bit up with a very it is very notable exception. for telecommunications at cook companies to do business there
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so little bit of a double perhaps a bit of a double standard there -- that would make a big dififferencee for a t of peoplple's lives to keep it that would never have to watch out for that one all right kay thankk you very much indeed take me do that with a business
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